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Chemical and Germ-Free, Safe Water and Fluid Solutions

Pontic Technology, a California Limited Liability Corporation (LLC), was formed as a U.S. technology development and licensing business.

Pontic Technology offers innovative and low-cost clean water solutions through zero waste, continuous flow water and fluid treatment processes.

Clean water is the most necessary fact of our daily lives. Yet the global water crisis is escalating due to ineffectual waste management systems and high operational costs. The current technology for clean water solutions is expensive and outdated, and that’s why Pontic Technology’s team of scientists and engineers created processing systems that are more accurate and cost-effective than all other current water treatment systems.

The Most Advanced Microbial Sterilization Technology

Pontic Technology’s  patented, independently tested and validated platforms, Thermal Disinfection Sterilization System (TDSS) are changing industry standards by introducing low cost, no filters/membranes, no chemicals, zero waste, continuous flow water and fluid treatment processes. The revolutionary technologies eliminate microorganism/biological (fungi, bacteria, viruses, spore forms, microorganisms, parasites) and chemical contaminants in an economical and environmentally responsible way.

Our TDSS technology systems leave all minerals in the treated water and are highly modular, scalable and customizable to meet specific client and customer goals. Whether the need is 50 gallons per day (GPD) or 50 million GPD or more. 

Multiple TDSS Systems Available

Today, Pontic Technology offers multiple Thermal Disinfection Sterilization Systems (TDSS) (U.S. Patent Number 9,757,485, Title: SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR FLUID STERILIZATION and other U.S. and foreign patents).

The thermal disinfection process significantly outperforms all current water treatment systems for microbial destruction, including reverse osmosis, ozone and UV lighting, and is far more effective in eliminating microorganism/biological contaminants.

Each of our TDSS systems, whether operated by electricity (TDSSe), gas (TDSSg), solar electric (TDSSse), solar concentration (TDSSsc), and utilization from waste heat (i.e. engine manifold) can produce safe, germ-free water, no matter the level of biological contaminants in any water reuse or fresh water source.

3DOSS, A Novel Approach to Chemical Destruction

In this concept, employing cavitation as the initiating source of energy, followed by implementing a selective three-dimensional open structured substrate (3DOSS). The cavitation is continued through a tortuous pathway and the destruction of toxic chemicals take place in a one-step, flow-through process.

** NOTE: No other water sterilization system is able to claim this level of sterility assurance level (SAL) and operating performance.  For more on the meaning of SAL, go to