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Safe, Germ-Free, Clean Water and Fluid Solutions

Pontic Technology, a California Limited Liability Corporation (LLC), was formed as a U.S. technology development and licensing business.

Our first technology offering is an innovative low cost, no waste, continuous flow water and fluid treatment process for eliminating microorganism/biological contaminants, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), inorganic and organic contaminants.

Advanced Technology Development

The world is thirsty for a sustainable safe, germ-free fresh water and fluid solution.

Our patented, independently tested and validated platform, Thermal Disinfection Sterilization System (TDSS) technology introduces a revolutionary low cost, no waste, continuous flow water and fluid treatment process for eliminating microorganism/biological contaminants (fungi, bacteria, viruses, spore forms, microorganisms, prions) and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in an economical and environmentally responsible way.

Our TDSS technology system leaves all minerals in the treated water and is highly modular, scalable and customizable to meet specific client and customer goals. Whether the need is 50 gallons per day (GPD) or 50 million GPD or more.

Multiple TDDS Systems Available

Today, Pontic Technology offers multiple Thermal Disinfection Sterilization Systems (TDSS) (U.S. Patent Number 9,757,485, Title: SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR FLUID STERILIZATION and other U.S. and foreign patents pending).

The thermal disinfection process significantly outperforms all current water treatment systems, including reverse osmosis, ozone and UV lighting, and is far more effective in eliminating microorganism/biological contaminants and VOCs.

Each of our TDSS systems, whether operated by electricity (TDSSe), gas (TDSSg), solar electric (TDSSse) and solar concentration (TDSSsc) can produce safe, germ-free water, no matter the level of biological contaminants or VOCs in any recycled or fresh water source (wells, aquifers, streams, rivers, lakes, sewage or government delivery system).

Technology Tested & Validated

Our TDSSe and TDSSg systems performance and the output of germ-free, clean water have passed rigorous, multiple validation and assurance testing by independent laboratories.

Using our “base model” TDSSe system and TDSSg systems we have conducted three validation tests.  Test #1 focused on eliminating (killing) Geobacillus stearothermophilus spore suspensions, which are the most heat resistant organisms known for steam sterilization. Test #2 focused on doing the same with E-Coli spore suspensions.  Test #3 focused on eliminating a high concentration of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

In all three cases, the test findings and conclusions validated achieving all goals and technology performance.  Quoting a report narrative:

“We conclude that the Company’s systems are effective at achieving spore inactivation at sterility assurance levels greater than 6-log reduction (>>10‾6 SAL)** while operating in continuous flow water sterilization…”

** NOTE: No other water sterilization system is able to claim this level of sterility assurance level (SAL) and operating performance.  For more on the meaning of SAL, go to