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Pontic Technology (PT) TDSS Technology Systems

Pontic Technology offers multiple thermal disinfection water and fluid purification and sterilization systems (U.S. Patent Number 9,757,485, Title: SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR FLUID STERILIZATION and other U.S. and foreign patents pending).  The thermal disinfection process significantly outperforms all current water treatment systems, including reverse osmosis and UV lighting, and is far more effective in eliminating microorganism/biological contaminants.  Each of our systems, whether operated by electricity or gas (any hydrocarbon fuel), can produce safe, germ-free water, no matter the level of biological contaminants in any source water (wells, aquifers, streams, rivers, lakes, sewage, government delivery system).

PT’s innovative proprietary high temperature, water and fluid sterilization systems are professional grade adhering to the highest software development and testing standards. These standards were determined by independent third party laboratories during validation assurance testing. (refer to Systems Testing webpage).

PT will be the sole provider and the issuer of any Technology License Agreements to utilize our TDSS technology.

Each PT system will be delivered with a thorough set of user and operations documentation and training manuals. The systems will be updated as warranted.  In addition, this website ( ), will always have the latest system product information and operating tips (see Solutions webpage).

All the PT systems will be supported with automated tutorials.  “Quick Start” guides will be provided to all customers/operators.

Our system’s novel approach to water and fluid sterilization through high heat, pressure and dwell time results in the following operating characteristics:

  • no by-product is created (water and fluid volume out is the same as water and fluid volume in)
  • there is continuous flow through the system
  • it is easily scalable – for medical, business, residential and government (large population) applications
  • it requires only minimal maintenance
  • there are no membrane/filters to change or replace and there are no moving parts
  • all minerals remain in the water
  • has the ability to sterilize different fluids (other than water)