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Pontic Technology Latest News

Pontic Technology conducts Field Testing of TDSS (Thermal Disinfection Sterilization System) in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Irma

Emerald Planet TV Feature: James R. Lewis discusses Thermal Disinfection for Purification and Sterilization of Water & Fluids

What is the Vision & Mission of Pontic Technology?

What influenced Pontic Technology to want to create clean drinking water?

How did you come to work with the CEO and Founder Michael (Mike) Papadopoulos to create and develop Pontic Technology?

How are Pontic Technologies patented water and fluids sterilization and purification technologies considered “disruptive”?

Why is “THERMAL DISINFECTION” more effective than the other current methods used to clean water?

Emerald Planet TV Feature: James R. Lewis discusses disaster emergency water & water for internal displaced people

As the “Technology & Engineering Lead”, why is it so important for 21st Century companies to have research and development activities and departments?

What are some of the challenges with water sterilization during disaster events?

How is Pontic Technology’s water sterilization process different than systems currently on the market?

How would these systems be deployed during natural disaster events?

What do you see for the growth and expansion of Pontic Technology systems over the next 5, 10, 15 years as we progress towards 2050?