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Pontic Technology (PT) TDSS Technology systems produce germ-free, clean water and other fluids at a competitive cost for a wide variety markets.

PT will be constantly adding to its portfolio of patented intellectual property.  PT’s patented technologies can be licensed for use by business, municipalities, federal and state governments.

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Market Applications

TDSS Technology systems can be used in any of the following markets:

  • Business – Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor, Aerospace, Energy companies or any other business that requires clean, pure water
  • Medical/Dental – Hospitals & Clinics Water, Surgical Instruments, Dentist Chair/Water, Water Autoclave
  • Pediatric and Neonatal – safe, clean, uncontaminated breast milk
  • Hotels & Food
  • Residential – Systems available include: Whole House, Under the Counter, Counter Top Models
  • Government/Water Delivery Systems – including drinking water, sewage water, storm & drainage water treatment, sludge treatment, municipal irrigation and environmental/landfill leachate
  • Military Deployments and International/Foreign Facilities
  • Naval Vessels/Cruise Ships/Private Yachts – ballast wastewater treatment, onboard process water treatment and greywater/blackwater treatment
  • Ports & Terminals – Ballast Water
  • Petroleum – Fracking
  • Disaster Sites and Relief/Aid Stations
  • Refugee Camps
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